A Welcome Sign Of Spring

Margaret O’Driscoll

First day of February
Spring is awakening anew
Heavy rain is reduced to a constant drizzle
Each weather type brings it's own wonders
I raise my face to feel the refreshing mist
My concerns lift with each step I take
With each wonder I observe
Down North Street water gushes out from an old iron drainpipe
Wads of moss dislodged from old roof tops are strewn along the street
Looking down Chapel Lane I see the Ilen in full spate
Standing on the sodden river bank
I watch broken branches being swept along in the swirling swell

As I turn to leave, my eyes light up on spotting silvery grey catkins emerging from bare willow
A welcome sign of Spring unfolding
Soft silky skeins pushing their protective sheaths upwards
Orbs of raindrops settling on each one

Margaret O’Driscoll lives in West Cork, Ireland. Her poetry has been widely published and  translated into many different languages. She loves spending time in nature and photographing wildlife in beautiful West Cork. 

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