Another dark night

Lynn Reeves AKA Nova Christeen

No moon
Feeling lost
No kids Asking for dinner
No husband 
Late or drunk
Family forever they say
Families break up
You know
The fish swim
Alone in their bowls
Looking at me for food

My heart beats
But it's shattered
The crickets go crickety Crick
no cicadas tune in tonight
It's sad, dark and lonely times
The cricket goes silent
As my cigarette ends.

Lynn Reeves is a mother, grandmother, artist, poet and writer who also sells The Big Issue magazine. She has also studied at year 12 and tertiary education. Lynn has joined in many group exhibitions, including one at the Lake Macquarie Art Gallery. She has also spoken at Newcastle University about her drug and alcohol recovery and is in her ninth year sober and drug free. Her kids have grown up and moved on, which was very hard on her. She is starting life again… as a different person.

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