Back to the Hyacinths

Sergio A. Ortiz

All those tears 
over the unfinished, 
failures, mistakes 
when in the end I'm 
just happy to arrive 

70 years old, the applause 
won't stop so, I run to the podium, smile 
and thank all you marvelous bastards

Free from your little cage
my fragrance wrapped and bonded 
with the sweetness of spring hyacinths 
and the hardness of cobalt

The devil wanted 
to conspire against me
I hit him with my baseball bat
locked him up in a cage 
muzzled his mouth, and yes, 
I tied his hands and feet

Silence, the sway 
of a Caribbean breeze 
under a midday sun
my eyelashes 
painted with black 
and red indifference

Sergio A. Ortiz is a retired English professor and bilingual queer poet. A Pushcart nominee, Best of the Web, and Best of the Net nominee. He took second place in the 2016 Ramón Ataz annual poetry competition, sponsored by Alaire Publishing House. His recent credits include Spanish audio poems in GATO MALO Editing, Maleta Ilegal, Frances House, South Florida Poetry Journal,Communicators League, RatsAssReview, Spillwords and several other journals.

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