Clear Daylight

Katherine FitzHywel

The blue sky is flat
The courtyard leaves
                        are still
Bird calls and sirens 
                  are distant
     I wonder how
last night existed
when I was trapped
     in my ribcage
spitting suspicions
and leaking
The echoes are
   making me uneasy
and hesitant
       to move

     and construction
The cat 
    welcomes the sun
turning her head 
        to see
if I share 
      her sentiment

                     I am only     
more alone in this
absurdly clear daylight

Katherine FitzHywel is a PhD Candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne. She has a BA and Honours in Creative Writing from RMIT.

Her poetry has recently been published in Untethered Magazine and Interior Journal.

She lives in Naarm (Melbourne) and has been fortunate to spend a decade with Kroshka, a beautiful Burmese cat.  Before that her companion was Ccino, an adventurous Tonkinese cat.

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