Collie Flower

Felicity Lacey

lift the weight of grey matter 
gather the scattered spores from my soil
sweep aside a racing mind for long enough 
to sow seeds of survival 
let your roots unfurl in me
harvest; what have we grown

‘Collie Flower’ was written as part of a larger project in which I explored the complex process of recovering from attempted suicide and, moreover, stabilising after severe mood episodes associated with bipolar disorder. The catalyst for my recovery – and what I believe saved my life – was becoming a mother to my beloved border collie, Gypsy. His healing power is unparalleled, and I consider our bond to be one of the aspects most crucial to maintaining my stability and mental health.

Felicity Lacey is a Melbourne-based writer and editor who recently graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing. She was awarded First Class Honours for her minor thesis, which draws upon both literary and scientific fields in order to explore poetry as a therapeutic tool in recovery from, and management of, chronic mental illness. Felicity hopes to continue her research in this area and is currently developing a PhD proposal. In between writing and editing, Felicity will most likely be found frolicking with her beloved dog-son Gypsy. Some of Felicity’s creative work can be read in publications including Above Water, Farrago Magazine and CAMP Magazine

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