Dawn Walk at Wittering

Pratibha Castle

The sea sparkles, 
a glimmer 
of fallen 
stars, glint 
on the horizon 
of coral light. I pause 

at the water's edge, 
bowl my 
hands as 
if dawn 
might be 
cradled like 
a gull’s egg. Waves 

sluice the shore, 
the legs of an oyster 
catcher stood, 
head bent, 
a prophet 
my bare toes 

scrabbling at lines 
fine as capillaries. 
Mysteries clammed 
in sand and heart 
that, as I watch, 
dissolve. Sun 

seeping through the clouds 
is an ache for my
mother’s smile 
at our chance 
meeting by the Cross 
when, instead of spoiling her 
with tea and craic, 
I hurried on. 

Pratibha Castle’s award-winning debut pamphlet A Triptych of Birds and A Few Loose Feathers (Hedgehog Poetry Press) publishes 2021. An Irish poet living in England, her work appears in literary magazines including Agenda, Dreich, HU, Blue Nib, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing. Highly Commended in various poetry competitions, she reads regularly on West Wilts Radio.

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