Friend for all seasons

Margaret Gudkov

His furry body curled in half moon position
The eyes dream of adventures I would never know
He makes the soft, almost inaudible noises
As if being chased by some regrets from past lives
Maybe the foods he always craved, but never tried 
My faithful friend, companion in covid isolation
My tail following me like Sancho Panza would
You feel when the depression wave's about to arrive 
And cover me with muted consternation
Putting a lock on the unwilling lips
You'd climb on my knees, purring loudly
Spreading your warm support in a most alluring way
Absorbing pain as if it would be an ordinary task from nature
You feel the vibes my body sends in the air
Like an angel dust invisible to human eyes
The cat comedian, provoking laughs when most needed 
You're a snuggle bug, using the sleep to express yourself
The medicine of love you give without realizing
Has no price tag when time’s about to collapse
Crushing the familiar landscape into a post atomic zombie land

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