her citadel

Norma Schwind

sways gentle in soft morning breeze
holds firm anchor points on topiary,
hedge and house— shimmers gold 
in early light 

as a spiderling she came to build 
her home, wove her web by day and night, 
until the citadel was large and strong and as 
she spun her golden orb I watched in awe

the roundness of my topiary has lost
its shape—unfettered leaves sprout green 
through silken strands, and yet I let my 
spider stay—she calls my space her own

steps elegant across her highwire in the air
checks boundaries, hunts food—one day 
I saw her having lunch—a fly or bug that 
strayed too close 

I do not know in spider years the lifespan
she may have—but, for a time, I’m 
happy she now dwells close by my kitchen 
door where I can watch her days 

Norma Schwind enjoys the freedom to explore and develop her artistic skills through the medium of photography and verse.  She finds the correlation between the two to be complementary and extremely close and explores them fully for her own interest and reward.  Recreational interests include yoga, gardening and listening to classical music.

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