his walk, not mine

Kevin Gillam

tonight we’re out waltzing the lanes,
Benjamin and me, he with his snout

in everything, me with my head seeking moons.
we visit the chooks three backyards up, 

huddled in their roost, we engorge on
fallen unripe mulberries and olives,

we do the day’s history of each verge,
remembering, of course, that it’s his walk

not mine – at corners, a tug on leash and we
head that way. it’s quiet out, breeze shushing

at tomorrow. later, rifling through the newly
arrived journal for a short story, my eyes

seek out dialogue – I need the chat,
the banter, scent of a syllable or two

Kevin Gillam: is a West Australian poet with 4 books of poetry published, the last being “the moon’s reminder” (Ginninderra Press 2018). He works as Director of Music at Christ Church Grammar School in Perth.

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