Long Past a Series of Years

Timothy Resau

Long past a series of years—
countless earths—
where age is counted by the growth
of plants and breath of children—
all eyes know
the direction of the wind 
and women’s hands play
waving icicles musically
through the air
in tune to the drum of the sun—
on cloudy days, even,
the heart beats like a stepping
panther’s paw—
smiles fall like stars—
there’s no language—
a spoken word is a lost word—
a silent moment
becomes a symphony—
a flag of autumn leaves
is hoisted upon a branch 
as a weathered crowd gathers	
around a banquet of fire
to celebrate the birth of a fawn—

Timothy Resau has published prose and poems in the U.S., Canada, Portugal, and the U.K. Most recently his work has been in, Sideways Poetry Magazine, Sylvia Magazine, The Beautiful Space, Loch Raven Review, Rye Whiskey ReviewBetter than Starbucks, and forthcoming in Scarlet Leaf Review, and Fictional Café.  He’s just completed a novel Three Gates East.

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