Pandemic Thanksgiving

Fay L. Loomis

silver-grey clouds
punctuate blue sky lake 

verdant moss breaches
dun leaf scatterings 

gratitude noted 
in morning journal

sip bourbon
on porch

last time
this year? this life?

afternoon fire
chicken roasting 

Middle Eastern spices 
perfuse senses

a reminder to breathe in
all that is

Fay L. Loomis was a nemophilist (haunter of the woods) until her hikes in upstate New York were abruptly ended by a stroke three years ago. With an additional nudge from the pandemic, she now lives a particularly quiet life. A member of the Stone Ridge Library Writers, her poems and prose recently appeared or are forthcoming in The Closed Eye OpenLove Me, Love My Belly, Rat’s Ass Review, Ruminate MagazineHerStry, and Sanctuary Magazine.

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