jenni nixon

when my cat of 19 years died
lucky heard there was a vacancy
last owner   when drunk   swore at neighbours
bellowed sad songs   enough to scare a screeching cat   
drop-kicked and hurt   not treated right
his cries drowning out the waning moon
lucky could not listen to my music play
he’d prowl and growl   would not stay
an enigma dressed in fur my rescue tabby
looks out at views   relaxed   safe on windowsill 
on my lap while country emmy lou sings she’s blue
snuggles far from stale tobacco   the smell of beer 
purrs for soothing pats   strokes under soft chin   
lives out his slow days   grows old and deaf   
meditates in fugue state   though appetite strong 
pâté for puss with sauce ooze from centre
luxury he lickety-laps but still he howls 
hold him tight   sometimes i yell
keeps me company through this covid isolation
in this it is he who rescues me 

Jenni Nixon Poetry collections include swimming underground Ginninderra Press (2015) café boogie Interactive Press (2004). Widely anthologised recent poetry in Cordite, Southerly, Rochford Street Press, Not Very Quiet, and I Protest, Musings During a Time of PandemicI Can’t Breathe  − World anthologies,  Kistrech  Kenya

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