James Montgomery

Fall into sleep
Allow the hours to weigh your eyelids
Dream of dreams untold
of warm and happy days
when you were young
and your life laid out
like an empty road before you
take the path
the untrodden path before you
Where does it lead?
Somewhere that we can never understand....

JG Montgomery was born in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, the son of an Australian Air Force officer, and has lived in an amazing number of places. He is a bass player, guitarist, vocalist and song writer and has served in both the Australian Army Reserve and Australian Air Force. 

He has university degrees in cultural heritage and teaching, diplomas in zoology and parapsychology, and was once a cricket coach. He is also a decorated State Emergency Service volunteer as well as a volunteer firefighter. 

He is the author of A Case for Ghosts (Ginninderra Press 2012), the illustrated children’s book The Oomee Mau Mau (Willow Moon 2012), WYRD– A journey into the beliefs and philosophies of the known and unknown (CFZ Press 2014), Meditations in Orange (Pendragon Publishing & Design 2014), Haunted Australia: Ghosts of the Great Southern Land (Schiffer Publishing 2017), Haunted Britain: Supernatural Realms of the United Kingdom (Schiffer Publishing 2017), Summer to Summer (Pendragon Publishing & Design 2018), Haunted Castles of England (Llewellyn Worldwide 2018) and Capital Manifestations-Tales of Haunted Canberra (Pendragon Publishing & Design 2020) He also contributed and edited poetry in Capital Reflections (Pendragon Publishing & Design 2014) and is currently working on another book concerning the supernatural as well as volume of poetry. 

He lives in Canberra, Australia, with his partner Kirsten, two cats, a short black dog, six ducks, three chickens and a lot of goldfish.

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