The Day Of Rest

Devika Brendon

And in our news roundup today there are the ugly facts of an Empire’s public self destruction, tiny girl children being assaulted and killed, young men making ‘dark’ satiric jokes about rape which backfire, our mentors disappointing us, terrible deeds of former billionaires now being exposed, exploitation and trafficking being run like a pyramid scheme, there’s an entrepreneur at the gate delivering KN95 masks of the most highly recommended quality, one of my book clubs is making me read Jack Kerouac (I’m going to need some alcohol to settle my thoughts), the world’s grand old structures are being destroyed by ubiquitous screeching white ants, and there’s outrage, grief and anguish everywhere. 

But it’s all a long distance away. The noise mutes gradually into a faint, hummy buzz. The water is blue, and unbelievably pure, the beach sand is pink like sugar crystals infused with roses. My swimming costume is fuschia, my favourite colour.

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