The Master

Michelle M. Mead

The world’s best 
Drill sergeants,
Have nothing on you,
My diminutive ruler,
Demanding of me,
Only the highest expectations,
Not a moment’s slack,
I’ve seen that
Whip’s flick,
That mouth,
Oh, that yelling mouth,
If it wasn’t
So darn CUTE,
So furry and sweet, 
Releasing its meows 
Of frustration,
I don’t suppose I’d adore,
Being told my every move,
By you,
Supreme feline master,
Of my daily rituals.

Michelle M. Mead is a writer from NY’s Hudson Valley. She’s edited two zines, been published in various print (Polluto, Trespass, Words@Deakin Press, Capsule Stories, Montana Mouthful, Chronogram, Blinking Cursor, Planisphere Q, Thirty First Bird Review, Renascence/Yellow Arrow Pub.), and ezines (Poetic Sun, Fahmidan Journal, Tigershark, Last Leaves, Apparatus, EMG-Zine, Under the Juniper Tree, Gutter Eloquence, etc). Her work/interview, can be seen at @MMMeadWriting on, as well as on Poets and Writers Directory (

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