The petunia in my garden

Pentecost Mate

My garden has five petunias, 
each for each of my five fingers.
Each petunia has five petals
securely enclosed in five sepals.
The petunia stems, slender and feminine,
erotically spread out their limbs
as they bend down limply
and draw attention to five stamens
that overzealously grow keen
to feed the one delicate pistil,
like in a polyandrous marriage.

My five plants have five colours
that every woman’s five wardrobes have…
red, blue, pink, white and purple.
The purple has five colour variations,
lavender, lilac, violet, mauve and plum.
The five shades stimulate the five senses

The petals feel silky to the caress… 
Their bright-coloured scrumptious appearance 
is appetite-whetting, like garnish 
to the salivating master chef’s tongue.
The funnel shape of leaves 
rustling with rhythm in the howling wind
exudes to the mind’s armpit,
a perfumed savoury scent which I inhale
as I close my eyes to be one with nature. 

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