The Visit

David Jones

the silver waves 
of a Damascus steel sea

subtle movement
across sand, whorls, loops
blueprint of that above

of the gloaming
morph into distinctness
two black rays
dancers of the unconscious

to stop, look
distilled awareness
greets a mind now still

bridge the gap between
known and unknown
synergy  between

a presence
seek to permeate
boundaries of perception

of clairsentience
transient connection
with nature

expose emotions
in self

the present
into silver waves 
of a Damascus steel sea

[It is my habit to walk along the beach, before COVID and of course during, the sea has always been a place of great serenity for me.

Here I am fortunate to immerse myself in the nature that surrounds me, greet the creatures that inhabit another world and draw upon them for that reflective insight that so often eludes us in our busy lives.   

The large black rays are one such creature, through their gracefulness they offer me an out, my thoughts drift with them as they glide unconcerned beneath a sometimes turbulent surface.]

David’s working life was spent  in the Middle East and Asia.  The basis for his poetry is empathy toward the world around him, a need to speak of history, natural beauty and sadly injustice and repression, aspects of the human condition he met where he worked and lived.  

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