Traveller Without Swag.

Margaret Kiernan

While the door keeps me in place 
I inhabit distractions
connect only in virtual kinship
create poems from symptoms, reflexes
locked in

Pandemic rules numbered
yellowed out alarm, we
flirt coyly in shops 
eyes cast down,
two metred furtive spaces 
that un-mapped distance 
of a gaze, locked in.

Darkness follows on, from a silent day 
In limbo, fears about the world emerge
into night like a sly fox 

Segmented shadows from streetlights
casts spells onto sleeping forms,
I awaken from dreams, eyelids wet.

I inhabit that space between living,
near death, unsure if notions 
have come from my mind, locked in.

Garden space allows amnesty
as a Robin sits atop the woodpile
Magpies chatter in the Silver Birches
vex the Persian-Blue cat beneath
while I, inhabit nature, soothe.

Margaret’s professional background is in Public Policy and Democratic Justice.

She writes fiction, Essay, Memoir, and poetry. She has had poetry published in e-book , in anthology collections, and literary journals and magazines. Inc. Black-lion Press-.Pendemic , The Blue Nib Lit-Journal , The Write Life, Unity Global Festival, Vox Galvia, A New Ulster, The Burrow, Poet-Head, and, Lothlorien Journal, she writes with Over the Edge, Thursday writing group, Galway City Library, and Ox Mountain Poets. She is listed in the Index of Contemporary Women Poets in Ireland, 2020.

Margaret has four grown-up children. She lives in Westmeath with her dog Molly.

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