A Way

Matt Hetherington

today i'm like a crumbling wall
that still stands.

when it rains, i don't leak.
that's the only power i have left.

my heart is buried in the ground
beneath me.

i maintain.
i will maintain.
i imitate a mountain.

pour your misery onto me
and it all runs off.

i keep nothing of it,
but i hold nothing either.

Matt Hetherington is a writer, music-maker, teacher, and moderate self-promoter based in northern New South Wales. He has been writing poetry for over 30 years, and his sixth c collection, ‘Kaleidoscopes’, was published by Recent Work Press in September 2020. Current Inspirations are: raw garlic, vinyl played very loud through big black speakers, and the Corpse Pose. www.matthetherington.net



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