Eugen Bacon

lockouts lockins jag jag tereu
pathless   fragments
sifting   spaces
absent   puddles
falling   words
echoes   rumours
lost   birdsong
missing   rivers
shudders   sighs
future   nothing
past   no thing
hotline   strangers
named   deb

Eugen Bacon

Eugen Bacon MA, MSc, PhD, is an African Australian author of several novels and fiction collections. She’s a 2022 World Fantasy Award finalist, and was announced in the honor list of the 2022 Otherwise Fellowships for ‘doing exciting work in gender and speculative fiction’. Eugen’s short story collection Danged Black Thing by Transit Lounge Publishing was a finalist in the British Science Fiction Association, Foreword Indies, Aurealis and Australian Shadows Awards. Her creative work has appeared in literary and speculative fiction publications worldwide, including Award Winning Australian Writing, Fantasy Magazine, Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction. Her books in 2022: Mage of Fools (novel), Chasing Whispers (collection) and An Earnest Blackness (essays). Visit her at and Twitter @EugenBacon



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