Acknowledgement of Country


for the Kulin Nations

 …swept to scudding mist and manna,
 to the white trunks of a slurred-over terrain,
 the huge dark wing beats are a skirmish
 of creation pouring out from the grey spiraling steam
 as talons are thrust forward in a lunge
 at ground zero before vertical recovery skids
 to apex and another soaring 
 U-shaped dive that tears 
 earth by its roots, raising
 country out of a blue-smoky spray
 now sweet with the scent of eucalyptus and mint:
 blooming in a bowl felted, and warily 
 watched over by another’s shallow-beating and quivering 
 charcoaled wings, the sinuous curves of country are cherished
 in a loud descendant wailing that gushes 
 open all the streaming waters and creatures of our time…  

Phillip Hall

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