Address books

Adele Ogiér Jones

What is to be said
about a new address book
             standing bold
             next to three in line
             old, tattered, crossed-out
             whitened-over versions,
about people who move on, pass away
             and separate,
about friendships which melt
             into acquaintances,
about chance meetings
             which never develop
             but might have,
about children of partners who beget
             their own and go on to new lives
             out of reach and contact
             beyond need and desire
             now interest has gone.
What does it say
about the simple gift of friendship
             with those in old address books
about the value of a greeting,
             gifts sent by word
             in a poem or brief story
             from life, rejoicing again
about a meeting
             on a day like every other
             still treasured
             in some special way.

Writing creatively as Ogiér Jones, Adele is a Melbourne poet who works and lives, most often, internationally. She has four collections of poetry published by Ginninderra Press (GP) including From the Edge of the Pacific (2012), chapbooks in the GP Pocket Poets series, and a new trilogy of poetry with Picaro Poets – From the Attic, In the Atelier, At the Gallery (2021). She appears in numerous e-journals and print anthologies including Lothlorien Poetry Journal (2021), Milestones (Ginninderra Press, 2021), Poetry for the Planet (Litoria Press, 2021), and The Trawler 2021 (Gloucester Poetry Society). 



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