Adult Autism

Antony Owen

Before I was special
I was an angel in formaldehyde.
I was a minotaur with bulging bollocks.
I was Perseus versus Medusa trapping her in my shield.

Now I am special
I am a jar of pickles prickling the palate.
I am a Roman statue the Visigoths defaced,
its penis severed, dusting the pink roses vulva.

Antony’s next book The Battle focuses on mental health and is due to be published this year with The Knives Forks & Spoons Press. He has published  the following books: Phoenix, 2021 (Thelem Press, Germany); Cov Kids, 2021 (KF&S Press); The Unknown Civilian, 2020 (KF&S Press); The Nagasaki Elder, 2017 (V.Press); Margaret Thatcher's Museum, 2015 (Hesterglock Press); The Year I Loved England  by Antony Owen & Joe Horgan, 2014 (Pighog Press); The Dreaded Boy, 2011 (Pighog Press); My Father's Eyes Were Blue, 2009 (Heaventree Press). Antony won the Bread & Roses Working Class Writing Award (2020), the Museum of Military Medicine Prize (2018), and the Peace & Reconciliation Award for Coventry Community Cohesion (2016). He was a finalist for the Wilfred Owen Story (2011) and was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award for new work in poetry (2017).



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