all she wanted was to be right

by Ndaba Sibanda

her stories buried under an edgy chest,
they rioted, rumbled, seeking to reach a crest
inside her silences, her moments of aloneness
an interplay between her calms and their rowdiness   
though untold, they told and retold their sorry stories
of moments in time loved, lost into an ocean of memories
she feared telling her best friend or her aunt that each time
he passed by or she caught sight of his photo, it was a crime
she couldn’t find  ample pluck to articulate, act on and bare 
her unheard words housed in hurt and too chocking to share
that on boundless nights she turned and twisted on her bed 
the scars of loneness and longing lingering, heavy, hot and red    
she turned to her pillow for comfort but it was tough and tight
she wasted ages navigating a past that failed to make her right 

Poet biography:
Nominated for the Pushcart Prize and for Best of the Net, Sibanda is the author of Notes, Themes, Things And Other Things, The Gushungo Way, Sleeping Rivers, Love O’clock, The Dead Must Be Sobbing, Football of Fools, Cutting-edge Cache, Of the Saliva and the Tongue, When Inspiration Sings In Silence, The Way Forward, The Ndaba Jamela and Collectionsand Poetry Pharmacy .

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