And again (nth time)

Kristen de Kline

it's a thousand and one days now
kisses trail off down Lawless way
she gestures up at the skies
puts her hand on my shoulder
we watch one hundred suns
           drop like acid rain
(I don't know how I got this way)
another hundred kisses
fly away          our hips
sway closer
as the thousand and first day
breaks      we chase     (you stroke)
the dragon     (the nape of my neck)
a chorus of stolen kisses    pretty lies
paper cuts
wings burn
what am I to do

Kristen de Kline writes poetry by night and lectures Criminology by day. Their poetry appears in a range of publications including Backstory, Other Terrain, Pink Cover Zine, Press: 100 Love Letters, Guide to Sydney Crime, MAD Poetry Anthology, Australian Poetry Collaboration, Hermes, Have Your Chill and Project 365+1. Kristen’s debut collection Lawless was published by Girls on Key in 2021.



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