by Darna Bazzica

 In the cold night air
 I dance in her breath
 beaming glory
 I move like serpent knowing
 The line thrumming
 Slow motion sap drops
 and the babes walk
  the woods
 ocean to city
 a barefoot dusting
 and we kick
 to our hearts    ever knowing 

Aurora was written at ‘Aurora Festival’ in 2019 where we dance to soothe the soul and connect back to the earth and ourselves.

Darna Bazzica is forty-two years of age and a single mother of two. In her past she suffered from PTSD, depression, and is a survivor of domestic violence and drug addiction. Through Tai Chi, the study of Psychotherapy and mindful living she now lives in clarity and peace. As a member of CHO (Community Health Onkaparinga), she proudly helps facilitate healing through The BIG backyard community garden and also shows students from high school our community services.

Darna’s mantra is ‘Remember to never give up, we are all capable of change and we can do anything’.

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