Dusk upon a wood porch in a migrant hostel

by Peter Davis the hypotenuse of my father thinking with a pigeon perched upon his head the angled neck of a humble smiling man I love him and I’m still young enough to tell him so often we are a family in this Migrant Hostel the pigeon and its grassy songs of innocence dad soContinue reading “Dusk upon a wood porch in a migrant hostel”

On arctic foxes and snow owls

Ann Shenfield If this were a perfect world then the arctic fox would eat berries and not hunt baby snow owls But in this lesser place where snowy owlets feed on goslings and songbirds There are those who say that animals are much like us but that they are pure emotion Except isn’t everything analogousContinue reading “On arctic foxes and snow owls”

How autism may present in adult female siblings

Esther Ottaway Esther Ottaway is an award-winning and widely published poet. Her work was shortlisted in the Montreal International and Bridport Poetry Prizes in 2020. Her new collection is Intimate, Low-voiced, Delicate Things (Puncher & Wattmann), and she is writing a collection about the experiences of women and girls on the autism spectrum, titled SheContinue reading “How autism may present in adult female siblings”

In Covid Enrobing – for Shadows

Denise Antaw Mirror’d in tarnished mercury speckle another wintery Covid weekend. She no longer listens for the sound of latch-lift at her gate; since Covid’s time-lines set in place mean the rest of her own Time-Line must wait. Another day for old photos but first, I must dress She chooses the crushed-velvet skirt pleased withContinue reading “In Covid Enrobing – for Shadows”

Self Portrait, February 2020

KA Nelson dedicated to the kookaburra Refugee from bushfire, smoke and storm— will mincemeat do? Sorry for your loss of habitat. Thanks for dropping in. I don’t blame you for not eating from my open hand. On this day of absences, will you laugh for a woman thinking of the dead? No matter, old love.Continue reading “Self Portrait, February 2020”

A year with Lumi

Sianna Madigan After 3 AM paralysis, peristalsis of the brain force-feeding horror to grasping anxieties, I decide to get a dog. But when I hold his soft body— tangled legs wrestling cold hands— sharp-hooked thoughts scramble superimposing sadness, warning how easily fragile bones break, so I can love only fearfully. Still— time passes, and allContinue reading “A year with Lumi”