Barking mad

by Kenneth Trimble

Through the fog 
Of madness 
And help with 
Beer and cigarettes 
In a condemned 
House not far from 
My birth house
Living with two young
Junkies in a time 
When everything 
Seemed out of whack , 
I blame the UFO
That visited my 
Birth house a few 
Years earlier, 
Up and till then 
Everything was sweet, 
My job, my life, 
Everything until 
That thing turned 
Up on my birthday.
I disappeared 
After that,
I was your real
Billy Pilgrim 
Off to fuck 
Montana Wildhack .
Yes, I found God 
Through an old 
It was my darshan
Television moment 
When he reached 
Through the screen 
And told me to 
Wake up. 
I did wake up. 
I left for India 
To a place called 
The forest of peace. 
It was there I 
Heard of a 
New vision called 
It led me to a 
Mountain of fire
By a razors edge
Which again led 
Me to a wombat 
Farm of crazy Buddhists
Which again led me 
To the sushi world 
Of Tendai priests
And marathon walkers 
Under the eye of 
Old monk of 
Mount Hiei 
Where everything 
Is taken to the eternal 
Through prayer and chant
Till you disappear 
Dissolving into 

Kenneth Trimble was old born in 1953. He has published a number of books through He has been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize. He has been published in on line magazines around the world. These days he’s living in a retirement village in central Victoria, learning Japanese and is involved with the Tendai Buddhist of Japan where he hopes one day will become a priest …. 

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