Behind Closed Doors

by Mark Tulin

As I lurk behind closed doors
I deny the shame I feel
Peeking through the wooden slats
Feeling the curve of my body
The person I’ve become
I'm willing to risk it all
Disregard my narrow view
Of a world without sympathy
A shut-in with few allies
Staring out the window
Tasting my sour breath
I'm a victim
Of my own design.

Poet biography:
Mark Tulin is a former psychotherapist who lives with his wife, Alice, in California. Mark has two poetry books, Magical Yogis and Awkward Grace available on Amazon. He has an upcoming book of fiction, The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories available in August. Mark has been featured in Terror House Magazine, The Wild Literary Magazine, Necro Magazine, Fiction on the Web, New Readers Magazine, as well as anthologies, and podcasts.  Mark’s blog is at Crow On The Wire.

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