Gayelene Carbis

Even in these times which have brought us this, there are still gifts.  
The mother who finds something to eat every night even when 
she can’t think of what to have next. The neighbour who stops
to ask if everyone’s all right, how are you coping? The warmth 
of Autumn with its reds and golds. Daily proofs of humanity,
friends and strangers dropping off books, leaving DVDs on 
doorsteps.  Calls for help answered. The endless adaptability 
of our species, finding other ways to connect, our arms like 
branches reaching out towards each other, talking like trees, 
and as timeless. 

Gayelene Carbis is an Australian/Chinese/Irish/Cornish writer of poetry, prose and plays.  Her first book of poetry, Anecdotal Evidence (Five Islands Press) was awarded Finalist –International Book Awards for Poetry, 2019. Gayelene’s awards/shortlistings include Second Prize, Newcastle Poetry Prize 2021; First Prize, My Brother Jack Poetry Award 2020; was recently Finalist in the Bruce Dawe, Ada Cambridge and Yeats Poetry Prizes (Highly Commended/Commended); and is currently Finalist (two stories) in the Microflix Festival Awards. Gayelene has performed/published her work widely in Australia and overseas. Gayelene teaches Creative Writing; is Writing Supervisor, Swinburne University; and Poet-in-Residence in schools.   



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