Wendy Steel

They flock on roof tops and on power lines
in snowy glory with their yellow crests,
jauntily perched on these electric vines
sidling and dipping with feathered breasts.
In raucous pleasure
they rule the morning skies
with cheerful noise and graceful leisure
Later in the day they will colonise
the nature strips and trees
in search of treasure.
Uplifting to see
a cocky congregation,
a parrot diocese,
a psittacine nation.
But when the day is new
in its beautiful infancy
their flight and calls
are a morning litany
Joyous cacophony
Unmelodic symphony
Birds on a wire, photo by Wendy Steel

Contextual Essay:  Where I live plays a key part in helping me feel a sense of equilibrium and peace. My suburb has many areas that are quiet and green, providing a refuge from the urban world and offering opportunities to enjoy observing the local varieties of birds: the cockatoos, the corellas, pink galahs, rainbow lorikeets, magpies and eastern rosellas. I feel renewed and uplifted by observing their antics and their beauty.

Wendy Steel is a teacher who lives in Melbourne and has taught English and Literature in secondary schools for many years. She began writing poetry and short stories for pleasure quite recently.



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