Caring for Margaret

Kelle Cunningham

I missed her like nothing else, at least at first
because it felt back then as if the stem
of our time together was still growing, still
breathing.  Absorbing particles of sun.
 I gulp the memories of our Fridays
Swallow the peace of the afternoon garden
Nothing much to say, or to hear except grass
Jasmin, and the huge red flowering gum.
 Beautifully between us she’d said ‘we’re good friends’
And I realize now what it was------
Apart from the care, (my hot, red face)
Her head bent, a tired flower, trudging along
ungiving concrete, hand in mine.  Silence
did it, that which bloomed in the spaces between

Kelle Cunningham lives in Thornbury, Melbourne and has worked as a carer for nine years. She likes reading poetry that is inspired by transformation in the writer’s state, or empathy with other beings, and her favourite poem is ‘Structure of the Horse’s Eye’ by Melbourne poet Elizabeth Campbell. She was born in Warrnambool and recently participated in the ‘Spoken Word Festival’  held there.



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