Jane Downing Like a veteran feeling an itch on his amputated limb I turn on the light to find an absence where the cat landed on the bed beside me Jane Downing’s poetry has appeared in journals around Australia including Meanjin, Cordite, Rabbit, Canberra Times, Bluepepper, Not Very Quiet, Social Alternatives, and Best Australian Poems (2004 & 2015). Her collection, ‘When Figs Fly’ (Close-UpContinue reading “Phantom”

My mother and the cat

Jeltje Fanoy Cheer-squad tv news/ is telling us that/real men/ have accomplished what/they have accomplished My mother tries/to cook/the cat chews on the carpet my mother gets/ angry/at the cat/gets under her feet when she tries to cook/then chews/on the carpet I pick up the cat/he wants to/bite me there there/in front of the heater/not/Continue reading “My mother and the cat”