Diana Raab
My senior dog decided to stop eating
so I meander into our local pet shop
and on the advice of a friend
chose Royal Canin brand,
thinking we’d be out in five minutes
flat, but half an hour later 
I still stood in a wide empty aisle
reading fine print only visible 
with my new dependency—
reading spectacles.

Isles of bags of various puppy foods:
one for poodles, another for Maltese,
and yet another for collies and shiatzus,
topped off by food for larger dogs.

Although we left with one bag—
I wondered what would happen 
to a more elderly person
standing in that same aisle with 
similar choices and how could 
they even decide? As a middle-aged 
sober and intelligent woman,
I’m having my own troubles,
as my mutt has all those bloodlines, 
and I still have difficulty 
making up my mind.

Diana Raab, PhD, is an award-winning memoirist, poet, blogger, speaker, and author of 10 books and is a contributor to numerous journals and anthologies.

Her two latest books are, “Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life,” and “Writing for Bliss: A Companion Journal.”

Her poetry chapbook, “An Imaginary Affair,” was recently published in July 2022 with Finishing Line Press.

She blogs for Psychology Today, Thrive Global, Sixty and Me, Good Men Project, and The Wisdom Daily and is a frequent guest blogger for various other sites.




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