Rhiannon Hall

Conspiratorially, invading my space
16-year-old Ellie whispered into my ear
miss, are you pregnant?

Bad posture, a protruding tummy
and female – must be pregnant.

I’ve been asked this question since I was 16.
As I entered my 20s there was an additional question
when are you popping out a bub?

In my 30s, there’s another addition
how are your kids?

I watch the baby budgies rolly polling 
around their cage, wonder if I’m missing out
not creating my own playful energy

I get up
feel the sun on my face

my dog’s nose against my leg
look at the poetry books 
think of my students

Contextual Essay: Having a child is meant to be the greatest gift. However, it is a gift that my partner and I have decided not to have. This poem is a gift to myself as I reflect on all of the great things in my life.

I also hope that women who have chosen not to have children view this poem as a gift, from one childless woman to another.

Rhiannon Hall has been sharing her love of poetry for the past eight years through a poetry club at the high school where she teaches. She has poems published in BlazeVOX20, Burrow, Cordite Poetry Review, Meniscus, Please See Me, Saraswati: A literary and art Ezine, Tarot, and has published an essay in Axon: Creative Explorations. She is a Doctor of Creative Arts candidate at Western Sydney University.



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