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The provocation for the September 2021 issue of Burrow is: ‘What does mental health (good or otherwise) look like through the prism of non-human companionship?’

How do your non-human companions help you with mental wellbeing? Do you have a companion animal? Maybe your garden or a single pot plant provide you with a connection to nature or an opportunity to feel grounded. Perhaps it’s an object with sentimental value that gives you a sense of connectedness when you most need it. Coming out of a period when we might have been more isolated than usual, what is it that has shared your mental health journey?

To contribute to Burrow:

  • in one email, send up to five poems responding to the provocation as an attachment in MS Word
  • if you like to scatter your lines, please use the space bar rather than tabs as wordpress does not recognise tabs
  • include a short bio of between 50-100 words. Bios are written in the third person
  • Email your poems to Jillian and Phillip Hall by July 20 at:
  • for the September issue, a short contextual essay to your poem is optional and photos are welcome but must be the property of the poet
  • For an example of what we like to read, travel over to our ‘poetics’ post, and read the poem sequence, ‘Animal Liberation’

For more information about the work we publish and how it should be presented please take a look at our poetics and at the poems and bios of our first issue contributors.

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