Courage – written May 2020

by Kellie Mortimer

It evades you in moments
That you most need it
And then pops up
At the face of evil
At the face of hate
It comes from depth of
What you have taken your feet through
Taken your insides through
And you want it to grasp hold
At the moment
You feel your fingertips
You feel your insides crying
Courage, to stand
To dream beyond the dreams
That have been imagined for you
By others
By family
By bosses
By teachers
You push through
And you stand firm
You hold onto the triumph
Over the crushing of those words
That didn’t wish the best for you
For the triumph
Of creating something new
For yourself
For others who need to
What you have done
What you have created
Imagine yourself
With hands held high
With heart racing
Standing firm
That gets you past
That feeling in your fingertips
Hold true to it
Because courage, takes courage
Strength in courage
That you were once told you didn’t have
But you do

Poet biography:
Kellie Mortimer is a passionate, lifelong poet originally from a small country town in Victoria, called Thorpdale. Kellie will tell you, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Kellie has worked in many fields, but if you ask Kellie what she has always wanted to be, she will tell you it was an author. Kellie describes herself and her poetry as quirky; interesting and different. Standing at 6’1, with a loud laugh and strong views, Kellie has always ‘stood out’, so she has used this to her advantage in her poetry and in her life. When Kellie is not jumping deep into her poetry and writing, you will find her meditating, laughing with her husband and nine-year-old daughter or travelling somewhere new.

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