COVID victim

by Greg Tome

Waking hours spent reciting old poems
Prayers he considers go up in smoke
Dredging memories from his different homes
but confined here at one fell stroke
Not a familiar figure since he last awoke
except kindly nurses in their space age gear
It’s ages since he smiled, ages since he spoke
he has plenty to think about, plenty to fear
His mouth and nose imprisoned, no room for a tear
he welcomes gas forcibly entering his chest
He bundles memories, fights to keep them clear
but his sins haunt him, none of them confessed
Like a knight nearing the end of his quest
he scans the horizon, he ponders his past
His life nearly ended, it’s time for his rest
his fist tightly clenched, he breathes his last

Poet biography:
It was only some time after he had retired from teaching Secondary School History that Greg Tome spent time writing poetry. Since then he has had two books published by Ginninderra Press, Watching from the Shadows and Tilting at Time. He has had a number of poems published in literary magazines, the most recent by BlazeVOX.

He is an active member of the Southern Highlands branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers where he is the convenor of activities associated with etymology.

Tome also enjoys writing ten minute plays which are performed in a local short play competition.

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