Death of a Friend

Julie A. Dickson
I woke to you on the floor,
not near my leg where you
always slept peacefully - 
reached down to lift your thin
body back to me, my furry friend
fifteen year companion once
robust and active, now bony,
breaths shallow, I wept on phone
when vet himself told me to bring him

Early morning goodbye, you rode home
curled in backseat box favorite fleece
blanket. Couldn’t face burial yet
all day stroked hardened body,
fur no longer soft - cried that
I lost you, my confidante, friend when
I had no one else

Julie A. Dickson is a poet, cat lover, adopted person, elephant advocate who writes of bullying, childhood memories, environment and nature. A push cart nominee, past poetry board member, Dickson holds a BPS in Behavioral Science and worked with dementia patients in their homes. Her poetry is found in Misfit, Open Door, Ekphrastic Review and Blue Heron Review, among others.



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