Margaret Zanardo

Sizzling rays of sun
bounce off the glimmer
of incoming tide;
a boy and a girl on the sand, 
push and laugh
and dare each other
to rush and dip their toes
in ice-cold water. 
Their squeals carry on the air,
distorted by endless emptiness                                    
to sound like some rare species of bird, 
unaccustomed to this vast vacant beach,
and desperate to find a mate
in these strange deserted times.

Contextual Essay: The beach has always been a place of contemplation for me. The tides, the waves and the prevailing weather, can reflect buoyant, optimistic emotions but also turbulent, sad or ambivalent emotions.

Over the last two-and-a-half years, it has at times reflected all of these.  

At all times, however, it has ultimately provided a place of peace.

Margaret Zanardo is a Sydney poet, writer and graphic designer. She has a background in languages, art and English literature. In recent years she has tutored in high school English and creative writing, and also edited academic papers.


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