Easter Arms

Melbourne 2020

by K. F. Pearson

Mother, father, child, back neighbour, friend
by accident you share something to the end
through it be deep or shallow
it is part of your tomorrow
on crossroad or on crescent
hell-sent or heaven-bent
at a great loss
you’re close
in grief.
No alien
no villain
holds the blame
for what has come
without a warning signal
though when alone or single
you find you are not there for yourself
but for others even as you seek their help
now everyone takes notice of temperature and pulse
be they a cleaner, doctor, shelf-stacker, parent, nurse.

Poet biography:
K. F. Pearson has published six collections of poetry including two featuring his existentially dubious hero The Apparition, namely The Apparition’s Daybook and The Apparition At Large, which give first person accounts of his dilemma. He is working on a new collection The Complete Apparition, in which he is perceived by others.

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