Meisha Synnott

Ask, is there honesty in your reflexive self-consciousness?  
Your own experience completing your experience.
Do you accept there is only what you recognise? 
Articulating it all. 
Making sense as writing words with it, speaking by it, living through it. 

Ask, is your communication the only communication? 
That this communication gathers the completeness of your relationships with life.  
Do you see the page bound at the centre? 
The characters of infinity.  
The non-I.

With all beings. 
With all beings. 
With all beings. 

With all sorts of their. 

The shapes inside are long dead. 
It’s quiet.
You never knew the imagined beginning.

Meisha Synnott is an emerging writer who has been published in Jerry Jazz Musician.  She has studied classical piano and saxophone. In January 2022 she moved to Canada with her husband and their dog Daisy. She will commence fine arts at AUArts in September 2022.  Meisha has a deep connection with the world around her and has been involved with organisations such as WIRES and Land for Wildlife.



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