For Our Own Good 

Kay Kestner

Here, we know the windows-- 
plexiglass to bounce us back 
from... where was it we would go? 
Somewhere beneath  
the sun 
the moon 
the infinity of stars. 
It was such a simple dream 
forbidden in their therapeutic walls. 
All we wanted was to walk 
through a fenceless field 
beside the curving waters 
beneath a sky of blue. 
But "for our own good" 
all we could touch  
was plexiglass glass 
tinted storm cloud. 

Kay Kestner’s work has appeared in journals since the early 1990s. She is a screenwriter, poet, and prose writer. Her work is an unapologetic combination of gentle grace and raw reality. Kay offers a uniquely personal voice; one that stems from a life often lived on the outskirts. Her writing reflects her search for the truth and beauty that lives behind the shadows. She is the founder and former editor of Poetry Breakfast and has led writing workshops through the Ministry of Artistic Intent and at The NJ Poetry and Arts Barn. You can find more of her work at



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