From here to there and almost back 

– a haiku sequence

Owen Bullock
waiting to go 
your eyelashes more mascara 
at the ends

airport lounge
a young man chews a sandwich
magnanimously bored

tax & duty free
your face 
a place to rest

watching you flick
through a fashion magazine 
my judgements all wrong

summer rains –
the door of the graveyard 
stands open

how I want my gravestone to look 
like this rose bush

a solitary pigeon
where the waterwheel 
once turned

reflections soft as rain 
on water

tea on the lawn
an old man watches 
a miniscule bird

holidays –
we complain about 
what we normally do

a duck’s wake
takes me 

my dead brother’s spirit 
and a melody

summer garden
a poppy petal 

up the ornamental wall
a snail

I cool my forehead
with dew from a leaf

granite fireplace 
the age 
in me

your restless sleep . . .

their wall 
in Truthwall
bright yellow

airport –
as we walk, you straighten
my collar

Owen Bullock’s most recent publication is Impression (Beir Bua Press, 2022). His other titles include, Uma rocha enorme que anda à roda (A big rock that turns around), translations of his tanka into Portuguese by Francisco Carvalho (Temas Originais, 2021), Summer Haiku (Recent Work Press, 2019), Work & Play (Recent Work Press, 2017), and Semi (Puncher & Wattmann, 2017). He teaches Creative Writing at the University of Canberra. His other interests include juggling, music and chess. @OwenTrail @ProcessPoetry



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