Good vs. Typical

by Connor Orrico

On good days it is amorphous
energizing sport bodywash,
mint zing toothpaste and corporate
abstractions like phoenix
or black eclipse deodorant
underneath hand cream
with a faint bouquet of
peach and all its purity.

On a more typical day
it is the humbler scent
of stale unwashed sheets,
sharp saccharine breath
from energy drinks and
individually wrapped candies,
a transient veneer to mask
the musty smell of being human.

Poet biography:
Connor Orrico is a medical student and amateur field recordist interested in global health, mental health, and how we make meaning from the stories of person and place we share with each other, themes which are explored with his words in journals such as The CollidescopeBurning House PressHeadline Poetry & Press, and hedgerow, as well as with his sounds at labels such as Bivouac Recording.

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