Charles D’Anastasi
I’m satisfied with my happiness on some days. 
There’s one day, when I’m really gratified by this emotion.
No doubt, on most Fridays, as I go from room to room,
followed by my cosmic dog  (his eyes communicate this)
you can be certain I’m bound to be satiated with delirium.
One way or the other, most of my elation comes on this day.
Yes, yes, any anxiety will only be momentary.
And when cheeriness comes, I’m satisfied that 
the forthcoming two days will open up to the weekend.
If at first, I don’t realize that it’s Friday, something
will most likely remind me of an impending magical time, 
and then that feeling will be mine to caress and indulge in, 
toss up in the air if I want to, if I’m carefree enough.
Come the fifth day, my lips and my hands might tremble,
but one way or the other my contentment will be assured.
No letter coming on such a day will hinder that sense 
of satisfaction that will surely follow any vexing delivery.
Even if I might tap my fingers more often than usual,
blocking euphoria will not be on the agenda.
If tears of frustration pour down my cheek
on such a day, ultimately, they will only be tears of rapture.
I’m sure that if I can’t prevent night from looming ahead,
and I cannot sleep, beatitude will still be achievable.
In fact, suppose the walls and curtains drag on, 
happiness postponed; I can always restore myself, 
with new faces appearing, and things to do in the future.
I might scream discreetly but only if I have to.
Oh, I do realize that the cosmic dog that follows me around
is only an image of the small porcelain dachshund looking 
up imploringly at the photograph of the departed child.
Believe me, I will not constantly resort to any sweeteners.
I can promise you, that my mind will be made up and at peace.
I have only to remind myself –
that once, I thought this was only an illusion.

Charles D’Anastasi is a Melbourne poet. His poetry has been published in various literary journals including Cordite, Australian Poetry Journal and Spineless Wonders. His chapbook Madame Bovary and other prose poems has been published by Mark Time Books in 2014.



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