Death Beds

by K. F. Pearson

Hold, thoughtfully, hand,
when a last occasion allows,
the other’s hand,
now suffering diminished powers,
as it limply rests itself in yours.

Its ancient veins,
respond, if feebly, to touch
like infant children’s,
with a tiny stroke itself enough
to convey each other to each.

Occasions of warmth
humans encounter, extensive or brief,
like a rainforest leaf
to the tree till it falls into mulch,
are, if in passing, signs of wealth.

A last hold of hand
contains a universe of nerves
in flesh and mind,
so connection when it goes, leaves
with percussion of rainforest leaves.

Covid 19’s distance
cancels all farewells as close
so a final once
on Skype or Zoom
quits it for us each alone.

Poet biography:
K. F. Pearson has published six collections of poetry including two featuring his existentially dubious hero The Apparition, namely The Apparition’s Daybook and The Apparition At Large, which give first person accounts of his dilemma. He is working on a new collection The Complete Apparition, in which he is perceived by others.

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