Devika Brendon
Managing the fluctuations
is what equanimity is

We can see what happens
when voltage variations
cause burnout of electrical wires

And the pain and the shock
Consequent on carelessness
Make us more vigilant
With the pieces of equipment
which transmit the energy we require

Blood sugar and blood pressure
are the same as electricity
Too many surges and the blood vessels
get frayed and the major organs get in big trouble, with startling rapidity.

So this is how I see the need
To stabilize my mind and heart:
I know how disruptive mania can be
How it attaches to desires and longings of all kinds, and is fuelled by frustration

It’s become a constant;
the most important thing
Managing the infrastructure

Which holds it all together
Which sustains the realm of peace
Which I wish to inhabit.

Devika is an academic, teacher, reviewer, columnist, editor and writer of short fiction and poetry. Her work has been published in anthologies and journals in Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Italy. Devika is the Consultant Content Editor for the South East Asia Leadership Academy, and Content Editor for the Sri Lankan literary journal, New Ceylon Writing.



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