Horse tranquilizers

By Lynn Reeves aka nova christeen 

At times so high I could run a marathon 
Or so low I could drown in a puddle 
Marathon ha
My body wouldn’t allow me too
Broken cartilage and overweight
Painting and art is now my thing
My mind 19 while my body is 46
After children and marriage 
Your never the same
Especially when doctor’s
Prescribed medication similar to
Horse tranquilizers.

The poem is about my bipolar and schitzo-effective disorder and my medication.

Lynn has been writing for a long time, and has been published in the sappho anthology and in the big issue several times.  She is also a part of Kerri Shying’s writing class. Lynn is a mother and grandmother and artist, poet and writer. She also works selling big issue magazines and is always giving food to the homeless.

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