Indefinitely Thinker Paces Cage

by Matt Hetherington

‘The thinker is locked in a cage and paces indefinitely between four words.’
An Anagrammatic Response to Paul Valery
here is ink, and the key that hangs
in air like an infinite thread
there is archetypal death
and the dark honey needing lips
the thinker chases space, tinkers, dreams
then plays an early, defiant hand
each faces their dicey age, and learns
the escape that lies inside seeds
at peace, they find a degenerate idea
clear, stately, and freeing
and their transcendental typing ends easily

Poet biography:
Matt Hetherington is a writer, music-maker, teacher, and moderate self-promoter based in northern New South Wales. His first all-haiku/senryu book, ‘For Instance’, was published in 2015 by Mulla Mulla Press, and his fifth collection, ‘The Love of the Sun’, was published by Recent Work Press in August 2018.

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